# About Thingster is a publishing platform for all types of media and all type of people and organizations. The idea was to make something super easy to publish about all your interests and all your work, from a single account with no friction or fear. We wanted to solve for all of these questions: Are you involved with a lot of companies or groups? A single login account is all you need to collaborate with any number of organizations. Are you afraid to post because what people might think of you? Create a pseudonym in seconds and post anonymously. Do you want to separate your interests into various topics so you don't spam your followers with things they aren't interested in? Create spaces inside an organization (ie: an identity/profile) and post to those. Your followers can choose what topics they are interested in. And we want this to be a free and open place to share. It will be free for most things, but we may charge for some things in the future. And if we do make revenue, we will share that with you, the creators.

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